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BIAS PAD - Sticky Note Edition

Image of BIAS PAD - Sticky Note Edition



The elegant leather cover for this devious device is hand crafted by a master leather craftsman known for creating specialty gun holsters and firearms accessories for the FBI, CIA and other clandestine operatives. Scott Alexander has constructed the inner workings of this stealthy Add A Number Pad from yellow industrial acrylic using a powerful yet quiet N52 self-locking magnetic closure to ensure the information you don't want is instantly concealed, and the good stuff is revealed. Refilling the pad is a breeze as you simply stick on a new stack of sticky notes when ready. Just peel off the old, and stick on the new. It's that simple. This device is slim, trim and fits easily into any pocket and is always ready to go. The best part is that the spectators do all the work for you. The Bias Pad is most definitely, one of the most silent and deadly weapons in the mentalists arsenal. This unit is bullet proof and will last a lifetime. Comes complete with Pad, Pencil, Video Instruction and performance video of Scott in action using the device.