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UNICORNY - Magic Castle Lecture Notes - 2013

Image of UNICORNY - Magic Castle Lecture Notes - 2013


Scott did a killer lecture at the Magic Castle in Hollywood recently to rave reviews. He is now releasing these notes from the lecture. These notes include many powerful effects and practical methods.

Nut on the Nose
The performer takes a walnut, tosses it into the air and catches it on his nose. He explains that he is able to to it because he has a magnet in his nose and the nut is made of metal. He offers to give them a closer look at the nut and it is now a real metal hex nut.

The Candle to Flower
Effect: The audience is told that a candle will transform into a beautiful flower. The magician covers the candle with a rag and then poof, a flower appears. Then as the magician tosses the silk rag to the ground it lands with a big THUD provoking laughter and merriment from the audience. Scott tips how to make the prop yourself for maximum impact.

Sucker Shot Glass Production
This is a little quickie that was from my Bound Printed Matter II Lecture notes back in the late 90’s. I am reprinting it here because a few people have asked about it. Here is my original non-gimmick version from “back in the day.” Effect: A full shot glass is produced from your hands.

Slap Glass
You perform the old classic glass thru the table then offer an implausible explanation of how it is done. You offer to repeat the demonstration asking the audience to really watch the moment you sneak the glass from under the napkin. Even though they are burning your hands, they never see it go. Also includes a stand up "in the hands" stage version with a coke bottle.

The Singularity
Effect: A signed bill, a walnut, an egg all go into a little black bag and vanish one at a time. When it comes time to vanish a lemon, it won’t go. Upon cutting open the lemon we find the egg and in the egg the walnut and in the walnut the signed bill. All this is accomplished WITHOUT going to a table or case.

Ring Flight Repeat
Effect: A ring vanishes and appears on your key case. You offer to repeat the effect under impossible conditions. The ring vanishes again and appears in an even more surprising place.

Indian Memory Man
Effect: The magician has twenty cards dealt which he memorizes to the patter of a hilarious joke. Then he distributes these cards to twenty members of the audience who are each given a number from one to twenty. The cards are returned shuffled and the magician memorizes the order of the deck and places them in his pocket. He calls for random numbers one at a time. The spectator who’s number is called shouts out the name of his card. Without hesitation the magician reaches into his pocket and withdraws each the card that is named.

All these tricks are easy to do but the methods are uniquely diabolical!

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