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Candle to Flower

$50.00 - $99.00

The audience is told that a candle will transform into a beautiful flower. The magician covers the candle with a rag and then poof, a flower appears. Then as the magician tosses the silk rag to the ground it lands with a big THUD provoking laughter and merriment from the audience.

This routine is based on the Roy Benson gag “Oh, See the Pretty Thing.” When Benson did it, was pretty much just a throwaway gag that happened in mere seconds. This routine takes the premise and frames it into a laugh filled, quirky opening that is a great way to begin a comedy magic show. Scott performed this as the MC of the Society of American Magicians annual national convention and a featured photo of him performing it was chosen to appear in MAGIC magazine.

Pocket Size (6 inched) $50.00
Stage Size (9 inches) $99.00

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