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Image of Chop Cup Routine - A Fakir Miracle

Chop Cup Routine - A Fakir Miracle

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The old 2012 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound book has been UPGRADED to a sleek Perfect Bound easy to reference 9 x 6 edition. More pics have been added as well as a few new ideas and patter lines that I have come up with since first published this volume.

This is Scott's hilarious routine for Al Wheatley's time honored Chop Cup.
The routine takes you back to the streets of Egypt and the ancient Fakirs in a joyful cavalcade of one liners and double entendre. This presentation was honed over seven years at Caesars Palaces' Secret Pagoda Theatre in Las Vegas and now is featured as a prominent part of Scott's show on the cruise ships and events worldwide.

Plus the manuscript features two moves that are signature moves including the Spectators Hand Penetration and the infamous Elevator Move which sets magicians on their ears when they see it. This really takes the classic Chop Cup a giant leap forward.

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