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Denny Haney - Twelve Lessons On Magic (Download)



Most of you know I have been writing a book on Dennis Haney for about six years now. He was a friend, teacher and mentor to so many of us. I have had the privilege of being tasked by Denny personally, with the custodianship of his legacy. Since his passing in January 2019, I have been spending hours going through our personal video and audio interviews, his small handful of live lectures, and recorded live performances just marveling at the magnitude of knowledge Denny had accumulated during a half century as a professional performer.

He wanted to make this available, to further your learning the art of magic. These lessons are from one of his few live lectures; this one from 1992. He mentions the book he started writing. I was honored to be chosen to finish it for him. It's amazing to watch him in his prime, after just finishing his career as a full time performer, transitioning into opening a magic shop to teach and inspire so many of us. For those of us who miss him, it's just wonderful to hear his voice and see him in action at the top of his game, as if he is talking to us and teaching us right now. The material is based on the original lecture notes he wrote back in 1990. If you do not have the notes, they are available in the menu on this website. I will be releasing a new version of these notes, with the book, featuring changes we made back in 2018, on points he wanted to modify and update.

I know you will enjoy these Twelve Lessons On Magic from a true master.

Lesson 1 - On Your Personality
Lesson 2 - On Value and Soul
Lesson 3 - On Saying Yes
Lesson 4 - On Likeability
Lesson 5 - On Being Too Clever
Lesson 6 - On My Hero
Lesson 7 - On Assistants
Lesson 8 - On Close Up
Lesson 9 - On Your Image
Lesson 10 - On Marketing Materials
Lesson 11 - On Fitzkee
Lesson 12 - On Simplicity

This video is 50 minutes in length, jammed full of these nuggets of inspiration and anecdotes from Denny's career, that can help us be the best entertainers we can possibly be.

You will receive a password protected link to the video download and I ask that you please keep it in confidence. Please do not post it or share it with anyone. This is just from Denny to you, from master to student, the way he wanted it to be. Please respect this, as it was his wish when granting permission to pass on this information.

Thank you and enjoy,


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