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Denny Haney WORKSHOP - The Egg Bag


Denny Haney Master Training Session:

Denny Egg Bag Class Snippet from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

Not only are the perfect props available here on the site, but you also have the opportunity to spend an hour with Denny and experience a master session on the Malini Egg Bag.

This is the real deal! Scott hosts this hour long in-depth session as Denny personally teaches you his version of the Malini Egg Bag with all of his own tips, hints and subtleties. Denny crafted, what is considered not only one of the most magical routines with the egg bag, but one that is also supremely entertaining. His routine follows the time tested Charlie Miller routine lauded by Johnny Thompson that offers a test conditions mystery that is full of Denny's jokes. gags and bits of business.

Scott Alexander gives you in-depth play-by-play analysis of Denny's thinking, as Denny teaches you his own handling and presentational points.

Because of the nature of the product, each student who purchases this master session will receive a personalized copy of the Training Movie on your own personal egg shaped flash drive. The purchasers name will be watermarked throughout the entire video, visible on screen at all times. This is a stipulation Denny insisted upon to prevent unauthorized sharing and piracy.

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