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SPILL GRAB N STAB 1982 from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.


SCOTT ALEXANDER GRAB N STAB 2014 from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

Steve Spill is the creative genius behind taking the Russian Roulette style routine using guns and adapting the plot to knives. His goal was to create a routine that packed small yet played big. Mission accomplished in 1972. Guns are heavy and face many legal challenges for a working professional. However Steve wanted the danger aspect to remain but at the same time provide a vehicle for comedy. Steve’s first version of Grab N Stab became a new benchmark in magic history.

Custom Designed Props & Gimmicks
Scott and Bob under Steve’s guidance set out on a mission to update the Grab N Stab props and methods. A lot of new materials have appeared since 1972 and we dove into making the perfect set of knives, gimmicks and other necessary accessories.

The Grab N Stab knives were made to our specifications at a metal foundry. The knives look, feel and sound dangerous but the reality is they are not sharp at all. The pointed end is rounded off just enough and the edges are completely dull. The handles on each knife are etched with grip lines then coated with a special rubberized grip. This combination makes it easy for both you and the spectator. Handling the knives is totally safe and they are easy to control.

I won’t reveal the secret details but as a BK Pro Line product Grab N Stab comes complete with high quality gimmicks designed to hold up for years of shows.

Comedy Magic At It’s Best •

The Grab N Stab Original Show
Grab N Stab was first created by Steve Spill In 1972. In this original version of Grab N Stab the core plot is Steve played Russian Roulette with 5 knives. Four are real and one is a harmless phony, fake knife. He quickly grabs one knife from a clear bag and instantly thrusts it into his own chest. However much to the audience's surprise and Steve's dismay apparently he stabs himself with one of the real knives. The surprise is shocking and the laughs are huge. The good news is Steve doesn't die however the audience dies laughing.

There were many great lines typical of all of Steve’s creations. Included in the training is a performance of the original routine from circa 1982. You’ll find it amazing and entertaining. Running time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It was a fast paced routine with several great pay-offs.

Super Fast Set-up
As in all of our Pro Line products Grab N Stab has been developed by professionals for professionals. Our solutions provide rapid set-ups. Performing this classic has never been easier. Depending on which version you perform the set-up time is no more than 2 minutes.

Grab N Stab Is Hilarious, Smart And Amazing!
Through countless performances Scott has fine tuned the routines. The premises is unique. The comedy is sophisticated and intelligent. Grab N Stab is a stand out routine that can be done in any market from corporate to family audiences.

The comedy is the vehicle for the magic.The routine is magical from start to finish. Grab N Stab is the perfect routine to “make your own”. The methods are easy to integrate into your own presentation or customize for clients.

The Professional Kit
The Grab N Stab Professional Kit consists of everything necessary including the props, gimmicks and secrets.

The Video Training
The Grab N Stab video training is delivered by instant download when you place your order. Running Time is 1 Hour 19 Minutes.

You will have the training instantly so you can start the learning process while you wait for your Grab N Stab Kit to arrive. The video is delivered in HD 720P. The Inner Secrets of Grab N Stab are covered in the incredible detail you've come to expect from Bob Kohler Magic.

For protection of your investment the video is embedded with each owner's identity. Please read the License section for details.

Grab N Stab Performance License

Grab N Stab is designed for professional performers. It is our intention to protect your investment in Grab N Stab. All purchasers should be aware that their identity is permanently embedded with the video download.

When you purchase Grab N Stab you are paying for two items. First is Grab N Stab Kit. Second is the performance license. Grab N Stab Kit and License are a single product. The video training download are complimentary and free to each purchaser of the Grab N Stab Kit.

After purchase you will received an email with the link to your video download in an e-mail from Bob Kohler Productions. After your purchase you will receive an e-mail verifying availability. In backorder situations the purchaser agrees that the order cannot be cancelled. Bob Kohler Magic will contact you within 48 hours if your order will be backordered with an estimate for delivery.

It's is yours to use and perform until the guidelines below. If you ever decide to sell Grab N Stab please understand that you are selling both the Grab N Stab Kit and License. After sale you no longer have the right to perform the Grab N Stab routine.

All legal owners of original copies of this routine have the right to perform this presentation in non-recorded, non-broadcast, live performance settings only.

No one is permitted to manufacture, sell, teach, lecture, translate or otherwise use,
demonstrate, display, vary, translate or discuss these methods or presentation.

All broadcast, narrowcasting, cable, internet, intranet, YouTube, or use in a lecture, speech, talk and/or any and all other uses are strictly withheld by the authors and permission for all other uses throughout the universe by anyone other than the authors must otherwise be obtained in writing from Bob Kohler first.

Availability & The Backorder Process
If you would like to check on availability before purchase please write to: [email protected].

We will respond ASAP but please be advised that sales on the internet are instantaneous. It is possible we will advise you if the product is in stock but in fact stock is sold out before your purchase. We are not responsible for any backorder situation.

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