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Image of The Hindu Thread 2.0

The Hindu Thread 2.0

$20.00 - $250.00 - Sold out


Hindu Thread Teaser from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

Spider Thread.mp4 from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

This version of the Hindu Thread is the perfect setup for stage performances and parlor shows. The handling is SUPER CLEAN. You never feel like you're being chased by the audience as to what's going on.

Also available Scott's nifty Microphone Stand Spool Holder. This keeps everything up by your face and visible, away from tables and cases etc. so the audience can focus on YOU and your HANDS. Screw mounts to any standard mic stand.

And is handwinding thread on your spool harshing your mellow? Then grab the EZ Thread Winder Scott uses to fill up a spool in seconds.

And the best part is... the ditch is over halfway through the routine so you end COMPLETELY CLEAN!

Nothing to add and nothing to take away, which lets you focus 1000% on the performance, because the magic practically does itself.

Comes with easy to wind plastic spool, thread, Amazon Link to buy plenty refill thread, gimmicks, training video, two routines and written instructions.

Works great with the BLACKLIGHT THREAD too and Scott shows you how to GLOW yours up!

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