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Further Silent Control

$29.95 - $65.00

This was the one of the standouts from Scott's Lecture Tour and is featured in his Stand Up Guy Lecture Notes. Now you can learn it with video training and get the best no tear paper available to use with it. The paper is in 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch notepad form, ready to use.

The Tear/No Tear concept has been explored my many performers including Tony Andruzzi, Lior Manor, Wayne Dobson and others. Rick Lax built on this concept and released a terrific version called Silent Control. Scott has combined his own thinking and has create his routine called Further Silent Control. Most no tear paper on the magic market will tear if pulled on hard enough. Scott has searched high and low for he best paper and makes his own No Tear pads that even the Incredible Hulk cannot tear. This paper combined with Scott's comedic take on the premise results in a fantastic 5 minute routine of comedy and pseudo hypnotic power. After putting your subject under "hypnosis," they can seemingly make the impossible happen with their mind. The routine is built on the idea that they control what happens in the physical world just by focusing the power of their thoughts. They make the magic happen and you are the guide. This routine is different from most other magic and will create a unique portion to add to your show making it a well rounded performance. The industrial strength paper will cost you about a buck a show which is a small price to pay for such big reactions.

If you got the sample sheets at a lecture in my BIG already have the training so order just the pad for refills.

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