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Scott's BIG Package!

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Thanks to those who ordered my BIG Package through the Conjuror Community. I have a few of these remaining, so grab my BIG PACKAGE now!!!!

YOU GET $509.00 Retail Value for only $199 while supplies last.

(all PROPS and TRAINING MOVIES included)

The Balls in the Net is a classic piece of sleight of hand that is suitable for any condition. This can be performed close up, parlor style, on the street or on the grandest of stages. Scott performs this routine for you in front of 800 theatre goers and this eight minute routine is jam packed with laughter and moments of jaw dropping astonishment. You receive all the professional props that Scott uses in the effect along with a full video training session with Scott as he explains all the ins and outs of this easy to master miracle. Plus you will learn Scott's close up walk around Three Ball Routine where the ball vanishes and reappears in the spectators hand. Plus you'll learn his Bill in Lemon ending to the Balls in the Net that can be used as an extra "kicker" to the base routine if you like. $99

Sh…It Just Got Reel - Book, video and reel
This is the definitive work on REEL magic. Sixty pages of magic with the most underused tool in magic that is provides amazing visual magic for Virtual Shows. The reason for this may be that people don't know how to work with them effectively. This treatise includes everything you need to know including 12 reel world effects using this marvelous tool. Also included is reel world tips on fixing and repairing these invaluable apparatus and for the first time ever in print, with special permission from the man himself, you get the reel work behind the often stolen and uncredited Jeff Justice "Silk Through Mic Stand." A routine that is worth its weight in gold to the stand up performer. This volume contains many commercial and novel presentations involving the use of the utility reel including ideas on how to make this type of magic extremely effective in the reel world.
Book comes with starter reel, lobster clasp, and online training video to make learning these moves a breeze! $65

Standing Up On Stage DVD Series
This is the complete 6 Volume boxed set of Scott's Standing Up On Stage Series. This is the most comprehensive volume on the performance of Stand Up Magic ever produced.
If you want to know how to put together a show, polish your performance, interact with your audience and be an all around Stand Up Guy, then these are a must. Scott even goes into detail on authenticity, like-ability, creating a character, creating a show line up, lighting tricks and tips as well as fully performing and training you an how to do 24 solid gold stand up comedy magic routines that are highly visual, funny and above all entertaining. $150

Mexican Paper Tear
Scott's handling for the classic Leipzig Cigarette Paper Tear that can play for an intimate parlor setting or for 1000 people on stage. Scott has taken this classic plot and infused it with laugh grabbing jokes and a really funny routine. Plus the method employs a clever diabolical gimmick for super easy handling. Your hands appear as clean as a whistle at all times. No funny moves and no sticky stuff and no complicated reset. It sets up in seconds. Talk about your pack small and play big tricks, this one is the ultimate.
Comes with papers, gimmick and training DVD $65

Pocket Management Training Session
Get your game on with Scott’s Pocket Management Training Session. All the pros know this one secret, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place!” This is what separates the pros from the noobs.
Nothing looks worse than a magician fumbling around in their pocket or bag for the right deck, gimmick or coin for a trick. It screams amateur time! Know what to do and how to manage all the props you use in your act whether it be close up, stage or parlor style. These are the deep secrets gleaned from hours of experience in front of real world audiences! $65

Standing Up On Stage with Cards Training Video
Scott takes four popular close-up card effects reimagines them for the stage or virtual performer. Four classic plots of card magic are completely explained as to why they are strong, and why YOU should know how and why to do them. These routines have all the bits of business, built in comedy, amazing magical moments and they all work in a stage, stand up, parlor or virtual environment.! They are versatile and above all, entertaining! $65

-The Chicago Opener
Scott takes Al Leech’s trick from the closeup table to the stage, creating a highly visual stand up routine, with two strong magical moments highlighted with comedic bits of business.

-Everywhere and Nowhere
Hofzinser’s timeless classic becomes a fun and exciting stage piece in Scott’s hands. This routine features tons laughter and amazement, amidst rapid-fire jaw dropping visuals.

-Thoughts Rising
Three spectators simply think of cards and they rise from the deck. The routine concludes with a surprise twist ending where they can keep the cards, the glass, and the indelible memory of this impossible effect.

-Three Card Monte
This is Scott’s smooth and effortless handling of the classic Emmerson and West monte effect. He uses and ace, a ten and a queen to tell the story of how he ended up with an ear full of apple cider!

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