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Squash Shot

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In 1932 Percy Abbott invented a trick called Squash, that set a new benchmark in magic, launching Abbotts Magic Company.

In 2020, Scott Alexander built on Abbott's genius concept, and created an updated version with all of his usual, tips and touches with a totally reimagined gimmick that is 100% safe, surefire, and secure. A FULL shot glass vanishes in the blink of an eye, lifting your spectators into a state shock and breathless astonishment.

Scott drops this little gem when he wants to bust out the big guns, leaving countless spectators awestruck. He has performed this for a galaxy of wide ranging celebrities, from Michael Jackson to Tom Brokaw and left them with their jaws on the floor. This is truly a devastating mini miracle you can carry in your pocket.

The routine comes complete with the same Sure Shot polycarbonate unbreakable shot glass, gimmick, and video training movie. This classic trick is now a new modern day miracle for parlor, stage, strolling and even close up!

* Squah Shot pairs well in combination with Scott's Sure Shot appearing glass. Save $10 when you buy both as a combo package.

Squash Shot Teaser - Scott Alexander from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

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