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Image of Standing Up with Balls! (PREORDER)

Standing Up with Balls! (PREORDER)



This is the latest video in Scott's highly acclaimed Standing Up On Stage Series. In this movie, just like Standing Up with Cards, focuses on material that deals with a specific this case...BALLS!

Scott offers fully flushed out stage and parlor performances featuring fun, unique, and entertaining ball routines of all kinds.


Snookered - A reboot of the old Ken Brooke piece.
Amazeballs PLUS - Scott's new work on the routine and finale.
Sponge Bob Round Pants - Stand Up Sponge Balls with volunteers.
Balls from Mouth - The classic visual stunner with some fantastic takes.
The Ball Cubed - Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square routine
Ping Pang Pong - The old ball on the nose gag with a cool angle
Juggling Lesson -Scarves, Billiard Balls, Cylinders and more for a magical and
funny take on juggling.
Abbott’s Hole in One - Scott's killer routine for this classic piece of apparatus.
Billiard Ball Shtick - A funny approach to the Billiard Balls for the Stand Up Guy.

Plus, Character Development and Directors guide segments as usual to enrich your own magic and stage presence.

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