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Standing Up with Balls! (PREORDER)

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This is the latest video in Scott's highly acclaimed Standing Up On Stage Series. In this movie, just like Standing Up with Cards, focuses on material that deals with a specific this case...BALLS!

This is the continuation of Scott’s Standing Up On Stage Series with Volume 2 Number 2 featuring BALLS! Scott takes four tricks done with balls and routines them for maximum impact in a stage or parlor setting Four classic plots of magic are completely explained as to why they are strong, and why YOU should know how and why to do them. These routines have all the bits of business, built in comedy, amazing magical moments and they all work in a stage, stand up, parlor environment. They are versatile and above all, entertaining!

-The Rule of Three
Scott takes the sponge balls from the closeup table to the stage, creating a highly visual stand up routine, with strong magical moments highlighted with comedic bits of business using two spectators and a fishing net.

-Ping Pang Pong
The classic stunt of catching a ping pong ball in on the nose becomes more than a quick bit. It turns into a fun and exciting stage piece in Scott’s hands. This routine features lots of laughs in a three phase comical routine.

-Wakeling’s Balls
Scott teaches you the Alan Wakeling Billiard Ball routine ending in a five ball climax. This is pure sleight of hand and manipulation not done to music, but rather accompanied by dialogue and funny visual gags. It is both classy and irreverent all at the same time..

-Balls from Mouth
This hilarious stage routine has a new and novel climax that leaves both kids and adults on the floor with its fast paced energy and side splitting laughter.

Plus Scott’s usual lessons on Character Development and his Director’s Guide that have been hallmarks of this video series.

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