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Image of The Finger - Gags, Bits, and Routines (with Video)

The Finger - Gags, Bits, and Routines (with Video)



Scott Alexander gives you..."The Finger!"

THE FINGER TEASER. from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

The great Okito referred to the Fake or Sixth Finger as one of the most underused and highly effective tools in the magicians arsenal. Even the genius illusionist Buatier De Kolta created the most devious mysteries with it. Not to mention that there are some really funny, jokes, gags and bits o' business that can be done with this small yet deceptive prop.

Some of the items include:
Introduction to the Finger
Fake vs. Gaff vs. Gimmick
Denny Gag
Thompson Gags
Elever Finger Gag
Teacher Gag
Cake in Hat Bit
Finger Chopper Bits
Pea Can
Satan's Finger
Card Rise
Salt Pour
Slik Silk
20th Century Flags
Okito Productions
Vernon Treasury Silk
Goldfinger (York/Alexander)
Silver Finger
Knife/Cig Coat Gag
Triple Flag Finale
Plus tons of Jokes and One Liners and a complete 1 Hour download video presentation.

This book and video combination comes with the necessary fake and twenty-five amazing and hilarious things you can do with it. Let Scott give you ...The Finger!

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