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Production of Oranges in a bowl... or any other fruit, or objects.

Give 'em the ole' Fruit Bowl!

FRUIT BOWL TEASER from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

This is Scott's reimagine of the old school load bag concept that we overlook in contemporary magic. But not only is this type of production stunning, it is also now super easy to do thanks to Scott's reinvention of the often clunky and hard to handle apparatus.

This version of the classic concept is modernized for today's discerning performer. No fumbling, mumbling or bumbling this production. One minute you have an empty bowl, and the next it is full o' anything you can conjure up. Plus the routine Scott teaches you is practical, easy and really, really funny! Play it for comedy or use the prop for a serious and miraculous production.

You receive the bowl, foulard, secret adjustable gimmick, video training, and written instructions. You supply the fruit!

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