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Image of UNBALANCED! (For Owners of Josh Jay's BALANCE)

UNBALANCED! (For Owners of Josh Jay's BALANCE)



Balance from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

Unbalanced Teaser Video from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

WITH FULL PERMISSION FROM JOSHUA JAY AND VANISHING INC., we offer the following as a new and spectacular ending to your Balance unit.

-Our Modification Service-

1. Place your order

2. Once you place your order you will receive a PDF document with further instructions on where to send your crayon box, pencil, card box and crayon.

3. Your items you send us will be retrofitted to our specifications. Your pencil will fit in our break apart toothbrush connection. The toothbrush will attach to the bottle you will receive from us which has an interior which is powered by standard AA batteries that last for dozens of rehearsals and performances.

You will also get the remote control that triggers the action, full training movie, and fully scripted routine that references all the items in a wonderful motivational story that Puck uses in his keynote speeches. Plus, your retrofitted items will still work with your original Balance unit as well incase you have need to do the static ending at some point.

4. Once complete, we will send all the props back to you at the address we will have on file from your order.

*Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion of the project. We do these one at a time to insure quality, consistency and ease of operation. It's a whole BALANCE thing!

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