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Wine Shot


First batch of these sold out immediately!

Don’t make a “pour” decision and then wine about not having a secure method...

This is a stemmed wine glass production prop with the same reliable cover as Scott's Sure Shot and Big Shot. This glass is a utility item that can be produced in many ways such as the classic Jardine Ellis Wine Glass production from Classic Secrets of Magic or Wally Dean's handling of the same effect. Included instructions feature some clever ideas for Scott's own methodology using his comedy production routine. He also touches on alternative production ideas and uses for the glass on the video training movie. The glass is polycarbonate so it will not break or shatter if dropped and the cover is bullet proof and removes quickly and with no funny movements. No fumbling with balloons or awkward tough to pull caps. This stays secure until you need it and then simply melts right off with ease. A real working professionals answer to this timeless classic.

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