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Big Shot
By Scott Alexander

If you love Scott’s Sure Shot, you are gonna love BIG SHOT! For decades magicians have been trying to find a way to produce a big glass of liquid without the hassle of using balloons, plastic wrap, or covers that are bulky, awkward and leak like crazy. There are so many routines that are avoided for this reason. But Big Shot eliminates all the problems.

Just like Sure Shot, Big Shot uses the same safe and reliable sealing gimmick that releases with just a flick of the wrist. The result is that you can produce a large 16oz glass of liquid from anywhere. Big Shot comes complete with the break resistant, super-durable acrylic tumbler, gimmick, and written instructions featuring several routines and ideas, plus Scott’s Matches Melt Routine from his popular 10 O’Clock Show DVD. This routine eliminates all the stigma of the Cigarette in Coat routine allowing you to do it with matches, keeping all the good jokes and bits, but with none of the nasty cigarette smoke. Plus you finish by producing your Big Shot from the spectator's coat sleeve for a huge and impossible finale that hits the audience with shock and awe!

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