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Stealth Card on Ceiling Case

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I love doing the Card on Ceiling. In fact, I believe it was Ted Anneman who first suggested doing it with sticky stuff. I always used to carry it in an Altoids Box but there was just something awkward and classless about it.

This is what I carry now! I call it my stealthy six shooter! It is an ultra-slim case that holds six tabs of wax and a few rubber bands. The wax stays in place, and the rubber bands don't move around and get all twisted. The slim design is great for pocket management. No big bulge as with a mint can or losenge box. The thin metal wall of the case transfers body heat right to the wax and keeps it warm and ready to go and since it is so slim, there is no fumbling for the rubber bands or the wax. They are right there ready to go. And the case is smartly decorated with the most famous ceiling of all, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It is a classy, convenient and efficient way to carry your supplies for this wonderful effect.

Comes loaded with six tabs of Michael Ammar Wax and two premium Joe Rindfleisch Rubberbands.

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