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Ever think about doing RING FLIGHT, but don't want to risk dislodging a stone from an expensive ring? Well fret no more! Scott Alexander has the answer with his new CARD FLIGHT.

Card Flight Teaser from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

CARD FLIGHT is a zipper style wallet, popular on for organizing and carrying credit cards, key fobs and car keys. Only this one vanishes and reproduces a BORROWED CREDIT CARD in the blink of an eye!

This multi function unit has a strong yet silent Kevlar reel that achieves the vanish, and a slick design that facilitates unzipping the wallet and pulling out the card to return to the spectator...but that's not all!

Scott also uses this gimmick in stage shows to effectuate the vanish of a room key card on a cruise for reproduction in a cantaloupe, watermelon, eggplant, zuchinii or other bigass fruit or vegetable. You will learn how, in Scott's hilarious Card in Melon stage piece featured on the CARD FLIGHT training movie.

Card Flight is just like Scott's bulletproof Super Ring Flight, but designed with a sure fire device to secure the credit card firmly, and release it for reproduction the second you want it. BUT THAT'S STILL NOT ALL!!!

Opt for the interchangeable CARD FLIGHT ATTACHMENT KIT which allows you to convert your Card Flight to a Ring Flight and back again in a flash. Plus, in the Card Flight attachment kit you also receive Scott's Bill Vanish Attachment that works with any style or denomination of paper currency. He will show you just how he uses it in performances. Also taught in the additional training movie when you purchase the ATTACHMENT KIT is how to use CARD FLIGHT for a borrowed ring or credit card in wallet and sealed envelope routine!

All this magic and more packed into a zippered case you can carry in your back pocket. Now that's magic!

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