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Musicality (PDF Download Book)

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-Choosing and Using Music Effectively in your Act
by: Scott Alexander

Scott's widely lauded "Standing Up on Stage" covers how to put together a show, but what about that monumental task of finding the right music and using it effectively in your performances. Scott has the answer! Musicality teaches you how to find music, use music and put routines to music effectively in your own act.

Some of the topics covered in the booklet are as follows:

Rights, Rules and Regulations in Using Music
Tricks that Make their own Music
When to use Instrumental Works of Music
Transition Finale into Bows for Standing Ovations
Choosing Pre-show Music - Why Do I Need It?
Systems to Playback Music
Lyrics Vs Instrumental
How Music Can Support Character
Show Flow With Music
Using the Song as a Starting Point
Starting with the Trick
The Power of Silence
What are Tags?
What is Chase?
Musical Transitions
Creating an Emotional Connection
The 80 Percent Rule

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