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Come Together - Blendo Hindu Thread Routine

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This is the Gypsy Thread with audience involvement, humor and a message for our modern times. The magician talks about colors and how they represent different emotions and feelings. Each of us, no matter our background all share this common bond. Spools of colored thread are tossed into the audience and audience members are asked to pass them around and break off small pieces of the thread. The magician then collects the thread and in a sweeping dramatic moment, visually combines all the pieces into one multi-colored thread in full view of the audience. Scott wrote this routine for a graduation ceremony back in 1995 and it is even more relevant today. Come Together helps add meaning, heart, soul and of course magic to your show!

This is perfect for close up and parlor settings and can even be used on the largest of stages. Scott teaches you how to make the routine UV friendly, so it shows up under blacklight all the way to the back row in a theatre.

Comes with scripts, all props, gimmicks and live performance and training video!

This is a great encore piece or closer for a modern magic show. This premise also allows for a wide variety of diverse and meaningful messages that can be added to the existing routine. Come Together is a magical pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.!

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