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Koch Chinese Sticks

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This is the first item to enter the shop in what will come to be the


In an effort to further the legacy of Denny Haney and only represent the finest in magical apparatus. This is the first in a series of items that the late great Denny Haney endorsed.


This is the set of sticks I now use for my American Sticks Routine.

From magic craftsman Bob Koch, the creator of The Telekinetic Timber, Chess Piece Divination, Bob Koch's Deluxe Card Box, Poker Hand Change and more, comes KOCH STICKS, the finest Chinese Sticks you can buy.
This precision, high quality set of Chinese Sticks includes three sticks, two sets of interchangeable tassels, extra cord and extra drilled screws, all in a custom fitted hardwood carrying case, (The screws are for the Roy Benson routine.) Made from solid Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) with no veneer or laminates.
The finest Chinese Sticks you will ever own.
Johnny Thompson said, "The best Chinese Sticks I've ever seen."
The tassels are attached with small jewelry clips so they can be changed to different colors, styles or sizes. The alignment of the holes and weights makes replacing the cords very simple.
The end of each stick has a drilled screw for inserting a string that “connects” the two sticks as used in the Roy Benson routine.
The sticks are 11” long by ⅞” square. The size, weight and balance makes the sticks easy to handle and a pleasure to use.
You receive three sticks and two sets of tassels, one large set and one small. Depending on the audience, you may chose the big bright tassel or the smaller more formal tassel. You also get two extra screws for the ends, and extra cord. No routines are provided with the sticks. There are many great routines available and most are better than anything we could provide. That being said, the sticks are designed to be ready for Roy Benson’s timeless routine.

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