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Image of DENNY & LEE Sidewalk Shuffle - Collectors Edition Piggy Backs

DENNY & LEE Sidewalk Shuffle - Collectors Edition Piggy Backs

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SIDEWALK SHUFFLE CLIP from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

(BTW...the move I do at the end of the clip RESETS the cards for your next performance!)

Only 100 of these units will EVER be produced to celebrate the arrival of the new book, Denny Haney - Collected Wisdom. These cards are Six and One Eighth x Nine and Three Quarters and are printed on stain resistant Poly Substraite with the Commemorative "Piggy Back" Design. The design is One Way so you always know which way is up. These deluxe cards are accompanied by a Full Training Video that features in depth instruction on every aspect of this wonderful trick. You will see two live performances from Denny; one is his time tested presentation he did for corporations around the globe, and the other is his musical RAP version he performed at many colleges and universities. No detail on this piece of magic has been overlooked. This is amazing visual magic a working pro can use, or a collector can admire. This offering has something for everyone!

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