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The Rings

$99.00 - $199.00

This is Scott's interpretation of the Jack Miller Linking Ring routine with patter set to the rhythm of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." Scott has restructured the original Miller 5 Ring Routine and incorporated the Vernon Six Ring Routine for allowing for added moves and displays. The poem has also been updated with new comedic bits and dramatic touches enabling it to captivate discerning modern audiences.

This offering comes COMPLETE with the preferred set of 10" LINKING RINGS that Scott uses for his parlor show, complete VIDEO TRAINING including Scott's embellishments of the Vernon routine, and written instruction. The video features supplemental over the shoulder shots to help you learn the Vernon moves from your own vantage point.

This is truly a theatrical piece that is funny, dramatic and engaging, all in one 8 minute package.

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