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Scott has reimagined the legendary Robert Gurtler's (aka Andre Kole) Spike Through Balloon, and created a new take and delightfully clever method, wherein the spike and tube can be completely examined by the audience.

This routine has it all. It is funny, charming and instantly endears you to your audience with a captivating story about how you created magic with simple everyday objects you found around the house.

Using an empty can, you magically transform water into orange juice to begin the routine. Then, with the same frozen concentrate can borrowed from your mom, and a nail from your dads tool box you are able to create the illusion that the nail completely penetrates a long balloon inflated through the can. The balloon simply does not pop, despite being skewered by the sharp and solid nail.

But that is not all! The nail is then removed and a twisty tube is placed through the nail hole. You then toast the audience and proceed to drink the glass of orange juice right through the balloon. The audience smiles in amazement as they see the liquid level in the glass get lower and lower, as the juice swirls through the straw. You then remove the straw, and as a grand climax you burst the balloon with the nail and a shower of confetti explodes outward, providing a dynamic ending that really pops!

Scott explains everything in full detail on the training movie which makes this easy to fit into your in person or online shows. The method is unique and really throws off anyone who knows the inner workings of the original. There is nothing to see and you can clearly tell from the reactions on the audience's faces, that this one has them all concentrating with wonderment, completely spellbound and thoroughly entertained!

The adaptable story is five minutes of solid entertainment that was first conceived by fellow magician Chuck Thomas. Scott has reengineered the workings of the well known prop, and augmented the original presentation with his own signature style jokes and bits of business. Use segments of the routine, if they fit your personality, or use it all. It's all there for you.

Juice Pop comes complete with all the necessary apparatus and training movie, where Scott walks you through how to set up and perform this charming miracle.

Everything packs inside the can to provide the utmost compact profile for travel.
If you're thirsting for something unique, visual and entertaining to add to your shows, then Juice Pop will definitely hit the spot!

Juice Pop Trailer from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.


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