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Razor Blades - Express


New from Scott Alexander, the creator of "The Blades" and co creator of "The Needles," comes this new slick, safe and streamlined version of Scott's original release. "The Blades" is only available through Bob Kohler Magic, and is a high priced item in Bob's Proline Series, which has kept many magicians far from its closely guarded secrets.

Fortunately, Scott has taken the best of all three methods, and developed an affordable, yet devastatingly delightful fusion of The Blades and The Needles that is within the price range of the semi-professional. The methodology is comparable to Scott and Puck's collaborative hit, "The Needles," but flipped entirely on its head, creating a new, yet subtle method that features and economy of moves and elegant handling.

Every nuance has been honed over decades of research and development. The safety factor is off the charts, because the razor blades are never in the mouth un-contained. Furthermore, the whole package is compact and fits in your pocket, yet it reads to the back of huge crowds. Best of all, the reset time takes less that a minute, leaving ample time to go sign those autography you will so richly deserve.

Take a peek behind the curtain, and get onboard the Razor Blade Express!

Razor Blades Express Trailer from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

Razor Blade Express Trailer from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

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