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Image of Scott Alexander  52 (PREORDER)

Scott Alexander 52 (PREORDER)

$295.00 - $495.00

Release date March 28, 2022 which will be Scott's 52nd Birthday.


Scott Alexander will release his career making 400 page book containing fifty-two signature pieces. The volume will be complete with the history and developed of each piece for either the stage, platform or close up settings.

The book also features thoughts on presentation, creating effects, authenticity, stage deportment and much, much more. There will also be a companion video with further material of never before seen live performances.

*Print run will be limited to 500 copies only

Retail Book Only Price $295

Collectors Edition 52 units only ($495)
*Update 10/27/2021 -Act fast, only 2 remaining

*There will only be 52 special Collectors Editions that come with custom case that replicates one version of Scott's Tight 45 show he always carries. Also included will be other magical ephemera.

1. Velocity 27. Watermelon Sugar
2. The Blades 28. Dekolta Chair Work
3. Speed Link 29. Stars
4. Water Monte 30. Bias Pad
5. Nailed It 31. Revolving Center Tear
6. Shattered 32. Sword Basket Work
7. Tin-Atious 33. The Giant Bush
8. Coffee Break 34. The Rings
9. Fakir Miracle 35. Further Silent Control
10. Mexican Paper Tear 36. Ring Flight
11. Troublewit 37. Ring n String
12. Card Tunes 38. Disinformation
13. Let's Start with a Bang 39. 21 Cent Trick
14. Brick Phone 40. C-Fold
15. The Cane Up the Nose 41. Tin-Visible Deck
16. The American Sticks 42. On the Wakeling
17. Dean’s Box Work 43. Wizard Level 52
18. Water Monte 44. The Lazy Magician
19. Vanishing Coke to Sugar 45. You Do Voodoo Too
20. The Dream Bag 46. Egg Bag Routine
21. Emoji Fly 47. Card Tunes
22. Color Monte 48. The 21 Cent Trick
23. Cane Up Nose 49. Revolving Center Tear
24. Shoe Business 50. Crazy
25. Spitball Bullet Catch 51. Apple Jacked
26. Add No Number 52. Saw Ring Suprise

Thoughts on Magic

Standing Up On Stage
Playing the Part of a Magician
You Lost the Gig Because What?
Be the Guy
The Tight 45
Never Work with Tigers

*subject to change at author's discretion

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