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STARS is a closing routine that has all of the warmth and impact of the snowstorm with a fresh new take.
With the kind permission of Dan Harlan, Scott has expanded his wonderful trick "Starcle," into a pack small play huge finale that really glows. Yes it literally glows!

The STARS kit includes a small yet powerful battery operated UV light that packs lots of lumens, creating a glowing column of light. The special ultraviolet confetti really lights up the stage. When blown upward with the special Kung Fu hand fan, it creates the illusion that you are enveloped in a flurry of stardust. It really looks like stars, dancing in the heavens.

This unit is all self contained, all you need to do is dim the lights. The routine is also very effective when used in conjunction with Kevin James Snow Animator.

If you are looking for a powerful and audience appealing closer that is totally unique, this is it. This routine has never failed to get a standing ovation. The combination of the story, the emotional hooks and the beautiful final display creates a lasting image in your spectators minds.

Kit comes complete with:

-Ultra Powerful, Compact, Battery Operated UV Light
-High Quality Kung Fu Fan
-Confetti for 100 performances
-Full Performance Script
-Detailed Training Video

Great to use with Kevin James Snow Animator available at

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